What does SoftLizen.com offer?

At SoftLizen.com each customer, looking for software can find it. We offer broad selection of products such as Adobe, Microsoft, Autodesk and lots of other software used for various purposes.

What are Licenses or EULAs?

Licenses, or End User License Agreements (EULA), give a customer the right to install and use that program on a machine. In many cases a business, school, or government will purchase one CD version and purchase many additional licenses. Since the customer doesn’t have to pay for CDs with each license, this method is much cheaper than purchasing a full version with CD for each machine.

What are Retail products?

Retail Products are the same products you purchase at local software stores. It is packaged for retail sale and include retail box, cd(s), manual, paper license agreement, and registration card. Any customer qualifies for retail products.

Where can I find the serial number or license key I just purchased?

License keys/serial numbers are emailed out within 01-06 hours of purchase. For orders placed on a weekend after 8pm Pacific Time, licenses are filled the next day by noon.

How do I download my program?

Download links are contained within the email containing the license from sales@softlizen.com

How do I get help with my installation?

Typically we include installation instructions with any online/downloadable software license. If you are experiencing some trouble with a software product you purchased from us, you can email us at sales@softlizen.com and we will try to help resolve your issue.

I haven’t received a receipt with my purchase and I cannot login with my email what do I do?

Typically when this happens there is a typo in the email submitted at check out. You can write sales@softlizen.com for assistance.

I accidentally deleted the email with my download information how can I recover it?

You can email us at sales@softlizen.com and we are happy to resend the download information.

What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

We accept PayPal / Credit & Debit Card through PayPal.

If I am not satisfied with the work of obtained product, can you pay my money back?

Our experienced and professional technical support can help you fix any kind of problems. The policy of our company is to satisfy our clients. In case trouble is not solved, surely money will be brought back.

Should I pay additional fee for membership?

No, you shouldn’t. We do not require additional payments of any kind.

Can I be sure that in future you will offer technical support?

Our experienced team is always ready to answer all questions concerning downloading and installation of software. You also get free technical support directly from Microsoft team.

Can I install software on several computers?

Software can be installed on only one computer. It is impossible to install it on several computers at the same time.

I want to buy software, which your online store doesn’t sell, can you offer it for me?

In this situation you should contact our support and probably we will help you.

Do you offer software on disks?

Each software we sell is presented only in digital version.

How to determine what type (32-bit or 64-bit) of software will work on my computer?

Following these steps on a Windows operating system, you can determine whether your computer is 32-bit or 64-bit:

1. Open the System Information

Open the Start menu, and click on Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> System Information

2. Look in the System Summary

The System Information tool will display detailed information about your Windows operating system.

Once opened it will show the “System Summary” as it is an overview of your computer and operating system.

3. Look for the System Type Item

On the right hand side of the window you will see a list of items. Look for the item called “System Type”.

The value of this item will tell you whether your computer is 32-bit or 64-bit:

x86-based PC: Its a 32-bit computer.

x64-based PC: Its a 64-bit computer.

Now you know what system you have and can make the correct choice.